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Kiss. My. Gators.

We had a musical sequence planned for the Duke in the 2nd season writing room. I’ll see if I can dig up the premise…

This dude reminds me of Kid Rock.

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Music: Ahead of you Forever - Racing Glaciers

Damn. Been a while since I posted. Might as well dust this off and make more things. And what better way to start off than with a new EP by Racing Glaciers. These guys are a band from the UK, and make some really great music, which is something they keep up in Ahead of you Forever. I just found out about it a few minutes ago, and am so far loving it. The EP is just a beautiful thing.

One noticeable thing that I noticed was that Ahead of you Forever sounded a bit more rock-y, which actually works very well with the sound of Racing Glaciers. I’m writing this on mobile, so I’ll be separately posting a link to the EP. But if you want, Google them and have a listen.



The countdown has begun…

Looking forward to the new album!


The countdown has begun…

Looking forward to the new album!

Music: Photocomfort - Photocomfort

Alright,  I’m coming back for more posts. So,  I just found an album a few hours ago. This album is just amazing,  especially with the vocals. The album in particular is Photocomfort, by the artist of the same name. Photocomfort is a beautiful album, with a sort of orchestral-type sound. The closet comparison for the sound, minus the vocals,  is similar to that of Arcade Fire in their early works. But that comparison may not be right.  Anyways,  on to the vocals. The vocals are done by Justine Bowe, who also is in Magic Man,  a personal favorite of mine. Her vocals are just simply amazing.  I’m not sure how to exactly describe it except as just fantastic.  It goes absolutely well with the sound of the album. That’s all I can really say about it.

Another great thing about the album is that it’s free on Bandcamp if you want.  If I can find one bad thing about the album,  it’s that there isn’t more Photocomfort. The album is the only one,  and it was released back in 2011. Hopefully, she can make more music. So,  I’m gonna be done talking so that you all can download/listen to Photocomfort.

Early morning updates!

To start off,  I’m gonna try and post more stuff on here.  I’ve just been getting busy with stuff, like wisdom teeth removal and school. But to make it up,  all I can really do is just focus and post more stuff. Thanks,  and now I’m gonna try and get some more sleep.

Tin Cup Serenade

—Sunny Oakland Day